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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the convention is over in philadelphia. we are live at our political analyst. lgbt curriculum in california classrooms. we are talking to the chair of the group that comes up at with the guidelines to teach our children. football season is right around the corner. mark is live in napa where the raiders are starting training camp as in san francisco gets ready to do the same. taking a live look at san francisco, even before i chose this song, a song you love to hate, i swear to you 12 minutes ago in the sales department someone started singing this song only reinforcing that yes it is friday and it is okay to
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love this song or hate it. >> it is okay to sing along. >> thank you so much for joining us. we have been talking about a lot of news, the big topic is the conventions are now over and the democratic national convention wraps up and made history last night in philadelphia. >> now the race for the white house is officially on. we have more from washington. >> reporter: in historic end to the convention as the presidential field narrows to two major party candidates. >> it is with humility, determination, and boundless confidence in america's promise that i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> reporter: with that hillary clinton becomes a first ever
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female presidential nominee from a major u.s. party. the moment, not lost on the former secretary of state. >> when any barrier falls in america it clears the way for everyone! after all, when there are no ceilings the sky is the limit. >> reporter: but it was not all pleasantries. clinton laying out her plan against isis and taking aim at donald trump. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons! >> reporter: the trump campaign fighting back against the nominee today. >> in one hand she was saying there is a need for a third term of the obama presidency. she can't have it both ways.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton and her running mate are starting off on a bus tour today while donald trump and mike pence have campaign events. back to you. our local professor joins us from san francisco and we have been watching all week, let's talk about the speech. when he said the goal was to humanize hillary clinton. do you think the speech did that? >> no, i think what it did was solidify what will be a very good convention bounce for her when this is done. what she did well is she was herself. she is not a great public speaker but she seemed comfortable. her husband is influenced by all of those baptist churches he went to. barack obama is a great orator in any context. ronald reagan could read a tele contract as an actor.
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hillary clinton is not any of those people. but last night she was hillary clinton. you will never find her someone you can cozy up to because she does not present that way. >> she even admitted that. >> what she is is someone who projects as competent. she really clearly distinguished herself from donald trump with this notion about temperament. [overlapping speakers] >> that was in essence what she is going to try to do. >> we discussed this yesterday on the air and talked about what donald trump had said and about the legality of encouraging russian hackers to hack the system. the notion of course it was not that he will ever be prosecuted but this is an example of someone who does not think before he speaks.
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i said you don't really want someone who is in charge of nuclear weapons to be someone who is not exercising a lot of judgment before they open their mouth. that was a line she used last night. i will predict that you will see that become a dominant theme in the hundred days leading to the election. i would not be surprised to see a new version of the commercial in 1965 which also referenced nuclear weapons. >> we know hillary clinton has a trust issue to overcome with voters with the e-mail server scandal that she has had to face. do you think she did enough last night to prove to voters that she is trustworthy? >> i don't know that is the case. i do think what helped her last night was the convention.
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you compare this convention with the republican convention, this convention started off on the wrong foot with the release of the e-mails and the departure of the chairman and the scandal. no one was thinking about that coming to today. the democratic convention in contrast to the republican's has been very disciplined in terms of message. the theme has been about the diversity of the party, this one is a big diverse party. also, reaching out to republicans and showcasing those republicans going into last night saying, we are not crazy about hillary clinton, we don't like her positions but in this race we trust are more her more than we trust donald trump. >> a lot people pointing to the fact that history was made last night. history was also made and years ago. i would like to take a look back
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to the 2000 and convention when barack obama accepted the nomination. take a look back. >> all conventions are potentially election turning points but this week's democratic convention is especially important, there is dissatisfaction among some hillary clinton supporters and many americans have doubts about barack obama. >> i would rather you vote for me me -- whether you voted for me or barack obama the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. >> he was raised by grandparents who were working- class folks just like my parents. by a single mother who struggle to pay the bills. >> reporter: she talked about
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how barack obama drove her home from a hospital after her first and daughter was born. >> inching along at a snails pace, looking in the rearview mirror, feeling the whole weight of her future in his hands. >> not you know why i asked her out so many times, even though she said no. you want a persistent president. >> these are extraordinary times. this is an extraordinary election. the american people already. i am ready, barack obama is ready, this is his time, this is our time, this is america's time! >> with profound gratitude and great humility i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> i realize i am not the likeliest candidate for the office. i don't fit the typical
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pedigree. i have not spent my career in the halls of washington. but i stand before you tonight because all across america something is moving, what the naysayers don't understand is that this election has never been about me, it is about you. [cheering] thank you. god bless you. and god bless america! >> so much hope and optimism. let's talk about some of the feelings that were coming out of that convention and some of the feelings of dissatisfaction coming out of each parties conventions. >> 8 years ago that election was about him. hillary clinton had the misfortune of running against the something -- against the second coming of you know who.
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delivered by someone who is a natural order, a pleasant person who projects is kind and warm, able to speak to different audiences in their language, i watched him in those days in front of young people, old people, he could speak their language and connect with them. hillary clinton, in any other election, probably would have won in 2008 but she had that misfortune and it was very much about barack obama. >> why isn't hillary clinton inspiring in the same way? >> there is this idea about the particle son, the one who does not ask for things but does the work in the vineyard, that is hillary clinton. she projects -- it his her resume.
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there is a lifetime of service here and it may not be flashy or look good but you have to value that resume when you compare it to another person who has no experience. >> some people are just better speakers than others. barack obama happens to be one of those people. >> is the enthusiasm gap going to linger? >> as we get to the heart of the last 100 days, as voters are locked in, all of the voters, including all of the independents. the more the democrats press the question i think about temperament and make the argument you don't have the option of not voting because if you do that is as good as giving donald trump the election. that will force people to think.
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i think we know what the democrats are going to do. the key turns to what is donald trump going to do. will he be himself or will he adopt some kind of disciplined about message. he is as old as she is. he should have acquired to maturity by the sage. can you demonstrate that in the debates and additives sent to show you are capable of showing the same kind of judgment that she portrayed last night. >> it is going to be very interesting. thank you very much. >> hillary clinton is going to be on fox news sunday in an exclusive interview. you can see it right here on ktvu from 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. coming up we are going to be switching topics real quick. we have been asking viewers all morning what were your thoughts on the democratic or the republican convention. i want to pass one on real quick before we change the question
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on you. someone said, i will have to clean this up. they both of us think and the country is likely stock for the next few years. so dissatisfaction with both parties. we are going to switch topics, one a little bit more fun, we are going to be joined by inexperienced or of passion and we are going to talk about how women in power are judged on their wardrobe and the question to you is this, do you think women need to dress more masculine in order to be taken seriously? let's us know. we will have the segment at 9:30. >> you did a wonderful job in cleaning that up. police officers have become the target of gun fire in southern california. details coming up next.
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new information involving this morning's police activity in san francisco. we have learned why police surrounded a home in the bayview district. that is coming up next. visit to learn more.
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the united states postal service. priority: you the weather has been the same for the last few days. it has been cool along the coast. is it going to change? >> we finally have some new material to work with this weekend. temperatures inland has been at 100 but everyone is cooling off as we head to the weekend. we have been tracking the fog moving around the bay. here is the satellite perspective. a lot of overcast for the beach. if you have been on the coast it has been really cold out there. inland we are talking about triple digit heat. livermore you are 72. san jose 68.
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you can see the cool spots. san francisco only in the 50s. the garlic festival always the last weekend of july. temperatures at 10:00 mid-70s on track to reach at the 90s. it will be hot this afternoon in gilroy for the garlic festival. this afternoon a big temperature range. 60s in san francisco. still one more day with triple digits in livermore. temperatures continue to cool off a little bit saturday. it is still going to be warm but we are talking triple digits. sunday the excessive heat will be a distant memory. it will be pleasant across the bay area and that will suit -- and that will continue next week. we know four people in custody after police don't a warehouse in san francisco. police say it started with a
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report of an alarm going off at the building. we were there throughout the morning capturing some of these pictures. you see one person being taken into custody. police tell us the men were trying to break into steal marijuana plants. police tell us no shots were fired and no one was injured. the search underway for a missing airplane bound for the bay area. police say the airplane was flying from crescent city to oakland when the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. the pilot radioed he was going to return to crescent city, controllers lost radar contact with the airplane near the arcata airport. these pictures are from the website flight aware. it is believed four people were on board. san jose police investigating a deadly shooting that happened south of
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downtown. police got a call last night about a shooting near willow street. when they arrived they found a man who had been shot and he was pronounced dead at the scene. this is san jose's 29th of was homicide of the year. there have been no arrests made. the alameda county sheriff has recovered one of its trailer stolen recently in san leandro. they tip led police to a place in oakland. they found the trailer along with several trailers. deputies arrested two people and are looking for a third person. the trailer is used for community farming projects transporting festivals to low income families. police say the suspects may be squatters and the property owner did not know what was happening. we have been tracking the
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story all day. we know swat teams and a bomb squad surrounded a home where a second suspect is believed to be hiding. neighbors have posted pictures online showing the activity in the neighborhood. we do know the bomb squad is using a robot to search for explosives. all of this happening a block away from in an elementary school in san diego. this started when two officers pulled over a car last night, someone inside of the car opened fire on the officers, one of them later died at the hospital, the other is in surgery and is expected to recover. police are able to arrest one suspect and as we mentioned they do have a second man pinned down. we will stay on top of this story. we are still following developments in the soberanes fire that has been burning for one week. cal fire released new numbers a short time ago. this fire has now burned 41 homes.
9:21 am
it has also burned more than 31,000 acres and it is still only 15% contained. more than 2000 homes are still in the path of this devastating fire. that is forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. bart urging writers to leave earlier this weekend. part will not run between the daly city station from saturday morning until sunday night because of track maintenance. there are free bus shuttles but 1019 passengers should add an extra hour to their trip. coming up, lgbt curriculum in california schools. next we are live with a representative.
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the state board of education approved history and social science classes that teach kids about families with two mothers are two father's. those courses will begin the starting in the second grade. the changes are being made to comply with the nation's first law requires schools to teach students about prominent lgbt people and also about milestones in the gay rights movement. >> each school district will decide how to teach based on guidelines. lauren joins us live this morning to talk about the recommendations. let's talk about how young the children will be when the idea is introduced in the classroom. is it second grade? yes -- >> yes, it is important to developmentally use appropriate language and how would we would encompass the spirit of the law.
9:25 am
in second grade it is one of the hot topic issues. what will that mean for my child? really there is a standard in history that talks about understanding and identifying what makes up a family. we don't just encourage teachers to ask students about their own family structure but to explore family structures but in different families and multi generational families and understand lgbt as part of that conversation but certainly not the only sole focus of that standard. >> anyone who has kids knows that when the kids get home from school if they learned something confusing they will ask parents. are the parents also kept in the loop on how to address the questions? are the given language to talk about this with their children? >> absolutely, it is important to note that what was passed was the history framework and
9:26 am
that word "frame" is an important part of the information because this is really a guide for educators, parents, to schools and local districts to understand how to shape that conversation at the local level. i am sure you guys realize the movement in education in california is to take the emphasis back to that local community so they can make the best decisions and use the resources that set their needs. i think it is important to understand what was not decided is a script that every student will be handed but really it is guiding questions and ways to ship the conversation so that parents and teachers and all educators can come together to make the best decisions for that child. >> talk about the impact his curriculum will have on lgbt students, in terms of making them feel more comfortable. >> i think that was really special to me is that this is been a long journey. we started revising the framework after legislation had stalled in to thousand 09.
9:27 am
we had an opportunity to really listen to public comment. so many of those that gave public comment were lgbt students that talked about how they don't see themselves reflected in their schools. how they were picked on, it is important to understand while we know that every single-parent and child will make a choice individually about how they feel about the issue that it is important to respect the fact that we educate all students and california is a very diverse state with many student needs and this curriculum will bring that awareness to the forefront. >> do parents have the option of saying i don't want my child learning this? >> at the local level absolutely. what is important is that conversation that teachers need to be sensitive to the fact
9:28 am
that they need to know their student population. they need to understand the parent communities and the framework really highlights that and helps teachers understand how to think about phone and approach and what might be bad in one community might not be the best lesson in another community. really how to way posses different resources. that is why the framework is a guide. we are in partnership with parents and students and this is not a mandate for every single child. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up, hillary clinton praised for last nights wardrobe by some, other say, should be even talk about what she wore. up next, we talk about the judgment that powerful women face. want a glow that shows and age that doesn't?
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it was not just with hillary clinton said that so many people are paying attention to it was what she was wearing. let's take a look at but she wore as he accepted the nomination. in the past she has been scrutinized for her constant selection of pantsuits, this is a far a far cry from her days as first lady when she opted for a more feminine look. it is further still from michelle obama. their outfits are in some cases taken from store shelves, sometimes they are made especially for her. this morning we put the question to you. to women in powerful roles need to address more masculine to be taken seriously? is it fair to judge women for what they are wearing? >> one of my regular follower says, are you kidding me, does anyone -- why are we talking about this?
9:32 am
basically he says does anyone ever talk about what a man is wearing. >> we are going to talk about it a little bit more. >> aesthetics make a difference, we have seen it in advertising. i love this one. >> you are so out of date with this question. not an issue for millennialist. >> let's talk more about it with our guest. thank you for joining us this morning. is the criticism fair, why are we even talking about it? >> because clothing represents your image. it is self presentation and actually clothing is fraught with all kinds of meaning. if you look back in history, because i teach fashion history, if you go back to the ancient times, first of all,
9:33 am
rulers is mostly what we study. men and women were wearing gowns so this idea of the gendered system of dress did not develop until the 17th of a century where men wore pants and women were scorched -- and women wore skirts. this idea of gender assignment has not always been the case. so clothes are encoded with all kinds of meaning. that is why we are talking about it. >> what do you think she was trying to project last night? >> clearly she is comfortable wearing pants. which is associated with a respectable man, -- man's kind of clothing.
9:34 am
also, the color of it was really interesting. wearing white, don't to think it was like, this is the white, sort of, everything is clear and pure. she did the stand out on the stage. i think it was clearly about her comfort level and also she was not going to make any kind of personal statement with her clothes at that point. she went to generic. >> is there any chance she would have come out there wearing a dress? >> of course, why not? >> is a dress seem -- is a dressing differently than a pantsuit? >> in politics it has been. people who are in government, are women, tend to wear more of the
9:35 am
pantsuits. so it depends on at what point she wants to start to disrupt this gendered system of dress that we have associated with power and respectability. i don't think last night was the night she wanted to do that. >> is it fair that we are focused so much on what she was wearing? i don't remember a a discussion about what donald trump was wearing. >> he wears very, very expensive suits. >> is it fair that we focus so much on her word or? >> if we are not focused -- is it fair that we focus so much on her wardrobe? >> if we want to look at her image image -- because she is a transitional figure which is
9:36 am
really important for girls and women of all ages coming up and her choices of how she wants to present herself are very, very important because she is a transitional figure. there is a a difference though between clothes, because we have to wear clothes in our culture, but there is also choices that she may be making along with her people about fashion, whether she will participate in the fashion cycle and be on trend. i read this morning that she set a trend to sort of bring the power pantsuit back to fashion because it really hasn't been fashionable to wear the pantsuit. >> we will see where this goes.
9:37 am
is it okay for me to say i like your earrings? >> absolutely, i had been anticipating that. >> thank you for joining us. switching to something else. it is the time of the year when you smell garlic, the gilroy garlic festival opens today. janine de la vega is there surrounded by garlic. >> reporter: i sure am and i have been joined by mr. garlic himself who has been dressing up. you have got to get a shot of this. you have been dressing like this for 29 years. you have become the ambassador of the garlic festival. you enjoy doing this. tell me why you are basically mr. garlic. >> my wife came home from work and told me she volunteered me.
9:38 am
eventually most of the guys faded into the sunset and i looked at my wife and i said, i think i am the last guy. >> reporter: why do you love this festival? tell me what you love so much about the festival. >> i find this festival in the this area it is a homecoming for a lot of people. they have moved away, gone to college, they are doing other things but they come back here for the garlic festival to see their old friends and to be back and reunited and it is just marvelous. >> reporter: for all of the garlic garlic, thank you so much. there are 60 different food booths here. there is live music.
9:39 am
there is cooking competitions. there is a children's area. but the main draw here is the food. there is all sorts of crazy food like garlic watermelon. we have been tasting it all morning, it is absolutely amazing. it runs today until sunday. back to you guys. >> have you ever tried garlic ice cream? >> no, and i am not going to. the oakland raiders have kicked off training camp. today they have their very first practice. we have mark ibanez up there in napa. good morning to you. how are they looking? >> reporter: i have got the tough duty. you guys never thought i would make it up for the 9:00, did
9:40 am
you? >> we believed in you. >> reporter: usually i am watching you with coffee in bed but today we are only a few minutes away from my house so i figured i would travel here. you are taking a look at the practice field and it will be fully occupied at 11:00 or so as the players right now going through a little bit of a walk through. you mentioned a lot of excitement about this team and there is always optimism when training camp starts. this year i think it is really well warranted for the raiders. they made some nice accusations during the off-season. they have got some veterans coming back. they have got some young stars. the actual -- yesterday they actually checked in and the excitement is palpable.
9:41 am
the quarterback can make all of the plays, he has got a great word at kick but now it is time for game management and the moves o a veteran. for the most part everyone is ready to go in fact, some of them eat, drink, sleep football and the rest are just ready to go with the anticipation of a really good year. >> going to my 6 took the season and it has not felt like this in a long time. we have got a lot of young guys who have come in with tremendous confidence and a lot of ability to help us get better. the coaching staff they are amazing and they know how to relate to us. this feeling has not been here in a long time. >> i have dreams about paul every day.
9:42 am
i jump in my sleep. -- i have dreams about paul every day. i jump in my sleep. you have to eat, sleep and think of football and i do. >>announcer: -- >> reporter: that is the deal. today more than 200 of the alumni for the players, are on hand to help to get things kicked off. tomorrow season ticket holders will be invited to get to watch the raiders worked out. so a lot of excitement is building and a great season is anticipated as the raiders tried to get to the post season. equal time for the san francisco 49ers. they will get things going over the weekend. they will report to camp and the big story with regard to them this year is aside from where are they going to get their points, because their
9:43 am
offense, not a lot the big names but, chip kelly is supposedly an offensive wizard and he will have a lot of pressure on him to get things going in his first year and of course there is all -- and of course there is always a question of the quarterback. how will he do under chip kelly? we will have reports for you all morning. i have got the tough duty guys. back to you. >> that is the good life. coming up we kick off the weekend with some healthy summer barbecue tips. be will introduce you to a local brewery that just won some top honors in a beer tasting competition. we will tell you about that coming up next.
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in third grade, i learned... we all make mistakes. but... it's all about how you fix 'em. mistakes, they're not so scary.
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it is the season to barbecue. joining me now is russell, health coach, helping us barbecue in a healthy way that does not make us feel really guilty the next day. thank you for joining us. let's talk about some of the most common pitfalls when it comes to barbecuing. >> the problem with this is it is high in fat and sodium. it is 370 calories. this meal, including the desert, is about to my thousand calories. way too many.
9:47 am
>> specifically you say stay away from pitcher drinks. you say there is a concern. >> a lot of times when you start drinking you have another one, the two drinks, they are 900 calories. it will also cause us to drop our guard now we eat too much. >> let's give some healthy alternatives. i grew up eating this. tell me about -- talk to me about the protein. >> protein is a great source for us. beef, chicken, seafood, salmon are all great sources of protein. but it is great, it is simple, it is easy to prepare and it tastes great.
9:48 am
>> we always talk about eating local. if you have not had the strawberries they are perfect. this is a desert i can have a couple of. >> right, it is only 85 calories. you could have two of those. it would only be 190 calories. >> i know this is not your traditional potato salad. a lot of people say i don't know how to do this. it is actually easy. >> it is very simple. soak it in water overnight so they don't burn on the grill. it is very easy. put your protein on. add lots of vegetables. you add a little bit more 14. again, it is so easy, you can get the kids involved in this. you can also mix and match colors. again, it could be completely vegetable are also all 14.
9:49 am
>> we also talk about eating a rainbow. so it doesn't stick to the grill what do you do? >> usually, fast over high heat and i turn the temperature down to let it slowly. you want it coming off slightly pink. but this is a great way to make a summer barbecue terrific. this potato salad is made with cauliflower. we have also used nonfat greek yogurt with a little bit of spices. this is 55 calories. this entire meal, with the desert, is going to run around 395 calories. >> perfect. thank you for joining us.
9:50 am
let's go back to you guys. >> some good looking options. i don't i don't think anything goes better with barbecue than beer. recently san jose brewing company won a civil medal at the beer championship. thank you for coming. you have some of your beers poured. this one is the won that one in award. it was a big award. >> we won the several -- we won the silver medal. we call it an imperial amber. it is a little bit lower in alcohol but we have bumped our up. we also added a a little bit of extra hops. >> what up -- a lot of people
9:51 am
feel left out because they don't want to drink heavy bear -- a lot of people feel left out because it don't want to drink heavy beer. >> we have this very nice, blonde ale that works perfectly with the summer beach going life. we also have the belgian style wheat beer. it also has some extra flavor added to it. >> when it comes to this revolution revolution, some people like beer a lot, is everyone doing well in the business? >> business is booming for everyone in craft beer right now. there is more out there for consumers to try. it is awesome. >> what was the challenge from a business standpoint? what does it take?
9:52 am
>> it is a lot the blood, sweat and tears. we are really proud that we were able to do this and we are coming up on hour -- and we are coming up on our 2nd anniversary. >> it is a lot of hard work. >> and it is hard to stand out from the field. i am overwhelmed by all the choices. >> before we go come it has to be a satisfying job to be the brew master. what does it take to come up with a new friday? >> we like to sit down and contemplate new flavors we want to come up with. we try different things.
9:53 am
that is how we came up with the imperial amber. the parent company is going to be celebrating its 30th anniversary in august so there will be quite a few parties around the santa cruz area. >> thank you for joining us. congratulations on the award. >> by the way, this. is spectacular. we will be right back after this. -- by the way, this beer is spectacular. we will be right back after this.
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"wendy williams" live from new york city it's the williams show. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] ♪ >> wendy: back at ya. thank you for watching.


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